Technology Approach


Availability of the Facility of Silent Generator Set for Teaching:

The availability of a Powerful Silent Generator Set having the Capacity of 35 HP/40 KVA provides the H.A.S.S.S.-Resham Majri’s Class Rooms uninterrupted teaching even during  power failure. This facility with the H.A.S.S.S. has proved as a boon to the students of all Classes from KG to XII with respect to their digital class rooms teaching which is being totally based on the regular power supply to the computers control room which is made possible only through the stand-by arrangement of the said silent generator set.

PEARSON Digi Classes As a Modern Teaching Aid:

With a view to make the students aware of the advancements in computer technology, H.A.S.S.S. started “PEARSON DIGI CLASSES — BANGALORE” BY GIVING THE FULFLEDGED COVERAGE OF THE CCE SYLLABUS (KG to XII CLASS) through Interactive Digital Class Rooms Teaching to enable the students to secure upto 100% Marks. Besides, the said methodology will give the awareness of the said advanced technology for their future prospects in their life as a part and parcel of academic quality. This will further drive uncompromising ethics and professional approach for the students. The students are being taught under this methodology by which the students are able to view the instruction materials displayed by the Teacher in the Class through a set of high quality Amplified Speakers to facilitate clean and clear listening.