Statutory Provisions

  • If a student applying for admission has attended any other school, an authenticated copy of Transfer Certificate from his/her last school will be required before his/her name is entered in the Admission Register.
  •  In no case shall a student be admitted into a Class higher than that for which he is entitled according to the Transfer Certificate.
  •  No student shall be allowed to migrate from one School to another during the Session.
  •  If permitted by the School to leave during the session, he/she shall on payment of all dues, receive an authenticated copy of the TC up to date.
  •  If the statement made by the parent or guardian of a student or by the student himself/herself, if he/she was major at the time of admission to the school, is found to contain any willful misrepresentation of facts regarding the student’s career, the Head of the School may punish him/her as per provision of the Education Act and report the matter to the Board.

General Rules & Regulations:

  •  Parents are required to get their ward’s name registerted in the school office subject to the submission of registration cum admission form the cost for which is to be paid on the purchase of the said from admin office.
  • Registration will not entitle for admission unless and until the student is found eligible for the same.
  • There will be a joint entrance exam in (i)-Mathematics; (ii)-Hindi; & (iii)-English subjects for all aspirants, seeking admission.
  • There will be no formal admission Test for pre primary (Nursery, LKG & UKG) Classes. However, parents and wards will be interviewed.
  • The date of entrance exam will be confirmed at the time of registration. Admission will be granted on the basis of merit depending upon the number of

Document Required At The Time Of Admission

  • Birth Certificate from the prescribed authority.
  • TC from previous school duly countersigned by the authority concerned, if any school attended earlier.
  • Progress Report of the Previous School/Class.(If applicable)
  • Character Certificate of the Previous School.(If applicable)
  • In case of X & XII admission, mark sheet of IX & XI, prescribed by the board, & proof of transfer/shifting of the family from one (previous) place to the other ( new place).

The School may compel a Child to leave the School for the following reason:

  • If the student is unable to adhere to the Discipline of the School.
  • If he has failed to reach the expected academic standard.
  • If the child remains as a continuous defaulter to deposit the Fee/Dues for a certain duration.

Instruction For Filling Up Registration Cum Admission Form

  • Read the Prospectus carefully and preserve it till you complete the Course
  •  Fill up the said form in capital letters only.
  •  Incomplete Registration cum Admission Form in any respect or without supporting documents will be rejected.
  •  Suppression of any information or furnishing any false information by a Candidate will lead to immediate cancellation of his/her admission at any time during the course in such case, Fee paid will not be refunded and the same will be forfeited to the School and the balance amount of dues, if any, will also be charged, failing which no TC will be issued.
  •  The Fee indicated/charged at the time of Admission will not include the other , if required to be charged on any account of submission of CBSE Registration, Examination, Compettitive Exam. Appearance Forms, Excursion/Educational Tours and Adventure Sports as and when organized, will be announced by the School at the time of its requirement and the same will be required to be paid by the student without fail.
  •  Age for pre primary classes is required as on Ist April of each year as under.
  •  The session will start from Ist April of each year.
  •  Admission to classes nursery, LKG, and UKG will be on first comes — first serve basis depending upon the number of seats, available.
  •  The School reserves the right of refusing admission without assigning any reason, thereof.
  •  School’s Rules and Regulations are subjected to change, whenever and however deemed suitable at the direction of the School Management Committee.
  •  Monthly Fee will be required to be paid in advance between 1st to 15th of each month. Delay in payment may attract FINE @ of Rs.5.00 Per Day upto the last day of the Month, failing which name of the student concerned will be struck off the Roll. There after READMISSION will be subject to vacancy & payment of the re-admission charges worth Rs.1000.00
  • In no case, FEE, once paid, WILL BE REFUNDED.
  • The student will not be allowed to appear in the Examination unless the School’s Dues are paid/cleared.
  •  Notice of withdrawal of Ward from the School will be required to be given a Month in advance before commencement of the next Term so that the candidate’s name is does not get enlisted in the Next Class Register on promotion to the next Session, failing which APRIL’S FEE will be chargeable. If the next Session is attended for a day or two, 1st Mid Term (April-Sept)’s Fee will be chargeable if the withdrawal of the ward is requested.
  • The Principal in the interest of the School may compel a Child to leave the School for the following reason:
  •  If the student is unable to adhere to the Discipline of the School.
  •  If he has failed to reach the expected academic standard.
  •  If the child remains as a continuous defaulter to deposit the Fee/Dues for a certain duration.
  •  No student will be allowed to leave the School Premises during working hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  •  The Parents/Visitors are restricted to go to the Class Room.
  •  If the Ward is taken back to Home by the other Person, prior to the scheduled timings of the Class/School, written request under the signature of his/her Father/Mother with Contact No. will be required to be given to the said person, failing which no ward will be relieved under any circumstances which may be NOTED BY PARENTS/GUARDIAN.
  • Parents are informed about the Academic Performance of their Ward through PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING in which the Progress Report is also discussed with them at the end of each period of Assessment.