Founder Message

Dr. Devi Prasad

Founder's Message

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

These are sustained by the school’s core values: Aakanksha- A ray of Hope. The curriculum at Holy Angel Senior Secondary School offers a range of experiences through which our students learn to be analytical, creative and expressive- skills vital in navigating an increasingly complex world.

We foster personal potential, academic excellence, self-confidence and a concern for the world at large. Holy Angel Senior Secondary School family of students, parents and teachers, hand in hand have strived to bring excellence in all that we do. Our aim is to bring out the best in all student in whichever field possible. For this our team of teachers works tirelessly to make this school achieve greater heights.

“To face tomorrow successfully with the methods of yesterday is not possible.”

Holy Angel Senior Secondary School strongly believe in the philosophy that, any child who truly wants to make his/her stance better, should start by improving his/her ingenuity. At the same time, we in a very subtle manner inculcate in them that love for humanity is worth much more than any achievement. Parents have entrusted their children to us. We are conscious of this sacred responsibility. Our students participate in a large number of co-curricular activities. The main purpose has been to develop better social skills , a sense of co-operativeness, team spirits, self confidence and self-discipline, through these activities.

The students participate in many activities viz, English and Hindi Debate Competitions, Recitation, Elocution, Power Point Presentations, Quiz Competitions, General Knowledge Tests, Essay Writing, Art and Painting Competitions, Fancy Dress Competitions, Science Exhibitions, Dance Competitions, Rangoli Making Competitions, Clay and Pottery work. The teaching-learning methods are mainly project based and allow each student to seek, expose, analyze, assimilate and write reports, on assigned topics. This methodology has certainly brought about a distinct upsurge in the learning habits of the students. Now, they are less dependent on teaching aids and are developing better self learning skills.

In the junior- wing, the students have the opportunity to participate in a great number of activities which allows them to learn the joys of construction and building models with their own hands with minimum guidance from their teachers. School lives for children are not always centered on studies, marks, homework, projects etc. Actually, the joys of school life lie beyond these, in roughing it out in the games fields, taking part in drama, debates, singing on stage etc. These are years when the child develops the basics of getting on in life and to do things himself or herself.

Through the years at Holy Angel Senior Secondary School we are continuing our efforts in bringing in the modern technology and at the same time continuously innovating ours elves to draw out the best from our students while at the same time ensuring that they retain their curiosity on all occasions. I would like to conclude by mentioning that behind everything that we do lies a vision. This is best stated by “JOHN LUBBOCK”, ‘What we see depends mainly on what we look for.’ As the years go by I can assure you all, every Angel will justify the purposeful education they receive here by providing the leadership and bringing the necessary social & political change that is so much required now than ever before.