Science Department

Computer Department

The world of education is changing as the modern world continues to grow. Education should be able to reach students ‘the progress’ happening in the modern era. The speedy, effective and global communication of knowledge has created a new foundation for cooperation and team work. The aim of introducing the subject is to make students use it as a tool to enhance their knowledge and creativity, to communicate efficiently in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller and to learn to use computer applications.

At school teachers are highly qualified and experienced who strive to impart knowledge which enhances the logical and application skill of the students. They are blessed with skills for overall development of the students and take leap of chance for their future.

Information technology enhances the teaching skills and the learning ability. Audio visual education, multimedia technologies, web networks play a greater role in imparting knowledge to the students. Considering all these, we teachers of the IT department, prepare our students to develop the usage of graphics, animation, network based collaboration, simulation etc. at the early stage to update themselves with the changing technology.

  • Seminars for the students with regard to the latest changes in the IT field
  • Quiz for all the grades with regard to the latest inventions / updates in the field of IT
  • Competitions for all grades
  • Class I & IV – MS Paint
  • Class V to VII – PPT / Flash
  • Class VIII – Power Point Presentation & Video editing
  • Assignments & Projects – to inculcate activity based education
  • Theory Examinations (Mid Term & Terminal exams) to test their scholastic skills
  • Practical examinations to test the programming skills in the languages Turbo C, C++, Java
  • Computer Club – to train the students in animation, photo editing, web designing, VISUAL Basic, FLASH etc.

The Computer Laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art facilities with a capacity of 60 Terminal Stations and 3 servers. All the computers are connected in a Local Area Network.